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Hunsbury Hill Development

by Jill Hope on 13 January, 2014

You will probably already know about the proposed Bloor Homes development of 71 houses on the land to the south of your estate. I attended their exhibition at The Hunsbury Hill Centre on 28 November. I met quite a few residents there, many of whom were angry about the proposals. The problems raised with me […]

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PEOPLE IN WEST HUNSBURY have been asking what’s happening to the former Ironstone pub. Local residents were worried about the premises becoming more and more derelict, with signs of people having broken in. Since then security fencing has been erected and cameras installed. A few bits of information. First, Tesco took out a 20-year lease […]

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St Benedict’s Mount, Hunsbury Hill: parking Issues

by Jill Hope on 29 September, 2013

Your FOCUS team has dealt with parking matters at St Benedicts Mount in the past. I tackled the people running the weightwatchers sessions at the church, and tried to get the message across that the parking was annoying local residents. This improved things temporarily, but now the problems are back. At a recent West Hunsbury […]

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The Drover’s Return Café

by Jill Hope on 17 April, 2012

When the proposal came forward to covert the derelict toilet in Hunsbury Hill Country Park car park into a café many people were horrified. Residents at the end of Hunsbury Close, whose houses are only a few yards from the building via a footpath, were very worried that it would be a magnet for gangs […]

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I’m pleased to hear that the county council will be cutting the speed limit from the current 70mph to 50mph. This will apply to the entire length of Danes Camp Way from the Mereway roundabout to its junction with Upton Way and the A43 towards the M1 and Towcester. It’s not before time – there […]

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Parking problems on Hunsbury Hill Road

by Jill Hope on 23 April, 2011

SOME RESIDENTS  in St Benedicts Mount alongside the church have complained about visitors to the church parking inconsiderately.

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Hunsbury Hill Park Café – latest

by Jill Hope on 11 March, 2011

PLANNING permission has been granted on converting the old toilet block in Hunsbury Hill Park into a café Your local Lib-Dem Borough Councillors and some residents opposed this, but the decision was made by the Planning Committee, which is independent of all political parties. The owner of the premises, Colin Ingle, is keen to work […]

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Hunsbury Hill youth shelter – latest

by Jill Hope on 10 March, 2011

A NUMBER of people have responded to the request in the February FOCUS newsletter asking whether the Youth Shelter behind the Hill Shop should be moved. Everyone who has responded, including all the people who attended the Hills Residents meeting, agreed that the shelter should be moved. The site that has been proposed is the […]

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Hunsbury Hill and Shelfleys Parks – great news

by Jill Hope on 8 March, 2011

LAST year it was very disappointing when the application to the Playbuilder fund to pay for new play equipment in Hunsbury Hill Park failed. Even more so, when it was announced that the Playbuilder fund had ended. Now, some great news – funding for play equipment has been agreed. Both Hunsbury Hill Park and Shelfleys […]

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The Inspector of the Public Inquiry held in October 2010 published his report in December. He has concluded that the site can remain in the County Council’s Minerals Local Plan as an allocated site for soft sand extraction. The site is between Milton Malsor and Collingtree and lies on a triangular site between the south-west […]

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