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AV: a miserable little compromise?

by Jill Hope on 25 April, 2011

DID Nick Clegg call the AV a miserable little compromise? He’s often quoted as having said it. No he didn’t! It’s annoying that so many journalists and TV programmes are so lazily quoting this without doing any hint of research. Let me give you the whole quote, in context: Nick said: “AV is a baby […]

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Local Election and Referendum on 5th May

by Jill Hope on 28 March, 2011

THERE ARE local elections for Northampton Borough Council on Thursday 5th May. There is also a Referendum on the voting system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons. You can read independent advice and explanations of these elections here. IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED to vote or need a postal vote you can […]

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A Message from Charles Kennedy

by Jill Hope on 26 February, 2011

OVER recent days No2AV have published a series of ads in local papers that can be described as distasteful at best, shocking and outrageous at worst. The premise behind the ads is that the country can’t afford the alternative voting system. That by saying Yes to AV, voters will be taking £250 million away from […]

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