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Labour to target pensions shock

by Jill Hope on 13 July, 2013

ED BALLS, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, has said: “I will target pensions to cut welfare bill” “Pensioners also had to share the pain as Britains struggled to get its economy back on track”, said Mr Balls. He seems to have contradicted Ed Milliband, Labours leader, who said he will protect the “Triple Lock”. The “Triple Lock” was introduced […]

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Letter from the leader

by Jill Hope on 28 February, 2013

What a victory! After three weeks of seriously intense campaigning, we’ve done it. Mike Thornton is the new MP for Eastleigh. Waiting for news from the count was nerve-wracking. We knew we’d had a stellar polling day operation and got our voters out: but was it going to be enough? And then Hilary Stephenson, our […]

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LEGAL challenge against pensions shift

by Jill Hope on 29 April, 2011

I AM pleased to hear that a legal challenge is to be launched against the coalition Government’s plans for up-rating local government pensions.

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THE Department for Transport (DfT) has stated that the West Coast Main Line (WCML) is now twice as busy as when it was last upgraded. That upgrade caused 10 years of disruption for commuters from Northampton to London. Some people who object to High Speed 2, the proposed new high speed rail link to Birmingham […]

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PEOPLE CARE PASSIONATELY about the NHS. I do myself. I worked for the NHS many years ago, and never forgot the experience, and one of my daughters is starting her training to become a doctor later this year. As part of a coalition government we are anxious that Conservative attempts to privatise the NHS should […]

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A Message from Charles Kennedy

by Jill Hope on 26 February, 2011

OVER recent days No2AV have published a series of ads in local papers that can be described as distasteful at best, shocking and outrageous at worst. The premise behind the ads is that the country can’t afford the alternative voting system. That by saying Yes to AV, voters will be taking £250 million away from […]

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It’s the LibDems wot get the blame!

by Jill Hope on 25 December, 2010

“What do you think of the Coalition Government?” “I’ve been asking people of all political persuasions in West Hunsbury this question” says Jill Hope. Much to her surprise, the general response is that people like it. Many thought it wouldn’t last. Many thought that the LibDems would be swallowed up, but now acknowledge that this […]

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