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Labour to target pensions shock

by Jill Hope on 13 July, 2013

ED BALLS, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, has said: “I will target pensions to cut welfare bill” “Pensioners also had to share the pain as Britains struggled to get its economy back on track”, said Mr Balls. He seems to have contradicted Ed Milliband, Labours leader, who said he will protect the “Triple Lock”. The “Triple Lock” was introduced […]

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by Jill Hope on 25 March, 2012

The March 2012 budget was extensively leaked. When George Osborne stood up to make his budget speech we thought there would be few surprises. The arguments about the rights and wrongs of the reduction in the 50p tax had been discussed in the media for days. The increase in personal allowances, to take even more […]

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Pensions increases – RPI or CPI – you vote

by Jill Hope on 12 February, 2012

The following e-petition calls for the re-introduction of RPI as the indexation measure for pensions: Many workers in the Public and Private Sector have contributed to their pensions on the understanding that on retirement these Pensions would be increased each April by the preceding September’s Retail Price Index (RPI) rate. From April 2011 the Government […]

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THE CONSERVATIVE County Council has now passed its budget, removing most of the money it used to provide to subsidise bus routes. Although the new budget starts on 1 April, the arrangements with the bus companies are on 3 months’ notice, so nothing will happen immediately. Council officers will be asking bus companies whether they […]

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THE CHRONICLE’S report was an accurate report – as far as it went. It mentioned the visit of a group of skateboarders to the meeting to demonstrate their enthusiastic support for the £250,000 which the Lib Dem Council has allocated to develop an international standard skate park in Northampton. The report also pictured protestors against […]

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