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SEKHEMKA – a Borough asset sold for £14million to fill a hole in the Tories budget

by Jill Hope on 7 October, 2014

LIKE MOST PEOPLE IN NORTHAMPTON I never saw this statue, and didn’t really understand what it was doing in a Northampton museum. I also understood the fact that the Borough Council was very short of cash – they have a £15M hole in their budget, partly because it was sold by the Tories to re-open Abington Street to traffic which both the public and traders have said they DO NOT WANT.


Sold by the Tories to re-open Abington Street to traffic

However, there was one piece of information that didn’t become public until after the decision had been made to sell the statue. The Northampton museum has already been stripped of its Arts Council accreditation because of the sale. That alone will cut the museum service off from a lot of grant support. Now there’s the possibility that the council may face disciplinary action as a result of the sale.

How shortsighted it was to allow this sale – if the repercussions had been made public more people would have protested and the sale might have been prevented. Was this information not known or was it deliberately withheld?

What do you think!?

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