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NORTHAMPTON’S NEW NORTH GATE BUS STATION has opened with gridlock in the town centre on its first real working day test.Click here to see the BBC report

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New bus station opening date

by Jill Hope on 12 February, 2014

THE NEW NORTHGATE BUS STATION at the top of the Drapery will be officially opened on Saturday, 1st March at 11am. It will come into service on Sunday 2nd March. Buses to Daventry, Rugby, Duston, Swan Valley and Upton will depart from the Drapery. Coaches will arrive and depart from Victoria Street alongside the Upper […]

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What next for the St James bus garage?

by Jill Hope on 1 August, 2013

LOCAL RESIDENTS in St James are talking about what might become of the massive bus garage, now that it has been announced that First Bus Company is in negotiation with the unions to pull out of Northampton altogether in September 2013. The company is now only operating two bus routes in Northampton, and these are […]

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by Jill Hope on 1 June, 2013

A large number of changes will be made to bus services in Northampton as follows: From 9 June 2013 • Stagecoach service 8 from Bicester to Weston Favell via the Bus Station is extended to Rectory Farm. The frequency between the Bus Station and Rectory Farm will be increased from every 30 to every 20 […]

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Changes to Bus Services – April 2013

by Jill Hope on 19 April, 2013

Following the decision by First Northampton to withdraw some bus routes, Stagecoach has announced changes to some of their routes, notably numbers 10 and 12. Please check the links to these services in the right-hand column, or follow this link to Stagecoach’s news item and timetables.

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Please note: new timetable posted effective 15 April 2012 see right hand column for details.

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Bus service 28 – timetable update

by Jill Hope on 9 January, 2012

Bus service 42 update

by Jill Hope on 29 December, 2011


by Jill Hope on 13 April, 2011

I HAVE RECEIVED a number of emails from local residents concerned about the imminent loss of the 12A service. This is an evening bus from the bus station to Camp Hill. It only provides three buses, leaving the bus station at 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 10.45pm. Given that the No 12 service ends at 6.45pm, the […]

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AMONG THE LIST of subsidised buses under threat shown in the Chronicle and Echo recently was the No. 12A. It will end on 8 May. This is a night bus from the town centre to Camp Hill. The last No. 12 bus leaves the bus station at 18.45. The 12A then provides four additional buses for […]

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