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Garages in St James – CENSORED!

by Jill Hope on 3 April, 2014

LOCAL RESIDENTS attending the March meeting of the St James Residents’ Association complained of the state of so many garages in the area. There are 1,800 empty council-owned garages in Northampton, and at a time when people are keen to rent a garage from the Northampton Borough Council, the council has many, many garages that […]

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A PUBLIC MEETING is being held on Tuesday 18 February at 6pm in the Guildhall to discuss the plan to open the top part of Abington Street to traffic. SO Far 90% of voters have said “NO” to these plans in on an on-line poll by the Northampton Herald and Post. 17 shops in this […]

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Hunsbury Hill Avenue/Harcourt Way – UPDATE

by Jill Hope on 14 January, 2014

At the exhibition about the proposed addition of 71 more homes to the Hunsbury Hill Avenue / Harcourt Way estate in November 2013, representatives from Bloor Homes indicated that they expected the application to go to planning committee in either December 2013 or January 2014. Well December’s meeting has come and gone. January’s meeting is […]

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Hunsbury Hill Development

by Jill Hope on 13 January, 2014

You will probably already know about the proposed Bloor Homes development of 71 houses on the land to the south of your estate. I attended their exhibition at The Hunsbury Hill Centre on 28 November. I met quite a few residents there, many of whom were angry about the proposals. The problems raised with me […]

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If you watch the webcast of November’s meeting of the full County Council, I think you would be very angry when St James is discussed. Since my election as your County Councillor in May, residents have told me repeatedly – through surveys, FOCUS replies, residents’ meetings and phone calls – that they are worried about […]

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Dog dirt in Upton

by Jill Hope on 10 October, 2013

NOT A NICE SUBJECT, but one that is raised with me repeatedly. For some reason some people with dogs living in Upton think it’s OK to take them to the open spaces near the Elgar Centre and just let them…..

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St Benedict’s Mount, Hunsbury Hill: parking Issues

by Jill Hope on 29 September, 2013

Your FOCUS team has dealt with parking matters at St Benedicts Mount in the past. I tackled the people running the weightwatchers sessions at the church, and tried to get the message across that the parking was annoying local residents. This improved things temporarily, but now the problems are back. At a recent West Hunsbury […]

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Shock at new Parish Council tax

by Jill Hope on 1 June, 2013

On May 16 I had a fascinating experience. I went to the first ever West Hunsbury Parish Council meeting (which falls in my County Council Division of Sixfields). This is the parish council that most residents didn’t want – including almost all the elected councillors. Most of the candidates that said they wanted a parish […]

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Tory Borough Council selling us all out

by Jill Hope on 29 July, 2012

“I’m getting very worried about Northampton at the moment” writes County Councillor Richard Church. It’s not that it doesn’t have much going for it, because it does. It’s got a strong work force, it’s located fantastically, it’s got beautiful architecture, a proud history, art galleries, theatres, shops, restaurants, and residents that want to thrive, and […]

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Tory failure over the Grosvenor Centre

by Jill Hope on 1 July, 2012

Cllr Richard Church has slammed the Tories failure over the Grosvenor Centre in a letter to the local press. Richard writes: “I am delighted to see that Conservative Council leader David Mackintosh says he will do anything to save the Grosvenor Centre redevelopment. I just hope he actually means it. A year ago, the incoming […]

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