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Dog dirt in Upton

by Jill Hope on 10 October, 2013

Dog poo

NOT A NICE SUBJECT, but one that is raised with me repeatedly.

For some reason some people with dogs living in Upton think it’s OK to take them to the open spaces near the Elgar Centre and just let them….. poo wherever they want, and don’t pick up after the dog.

The area is littered with dog dirt which is not only very unpleasant, but also a health hazard with the risk of carrying a parasite that can leave children blind. It’s not the fault of the dogs but of careless owners.

Please bag it and bin it. Some people in Upton step out of their houses to find a deposit on their doorstep – can you imagine how horrible that is? If you see anyone allowing their dog to foul and not picking up afterwards, take a picture on your phone and send it to me (a picture of person and dog – not the poo!).

I will name and shame, because this affects all of us. If you’ve ever had to clean dog dirt off a pair of shoes you will know how horrible this is. It’s even worse if you get into a car or a house without realising and smear it all over the carpets.

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