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Tory Borough Council selling us all out

by Jill Hope on 29 July, 2012

“I’m getting very worried about Northampton at the moment” writes County Councillor Richard Church.

It’s not that it doesn’t have much going for it, because it does. It’s got a strong work force, it’s located fantastically, it’s got beautiful architecture, a proud history, art galleries, theatres, shops, restaurants, and residents that want to thrive, and make the town better for everyone.

What it also has, sadly, is two councils run by Northamptonshire Conservatives.

The new administration at the Borough Council is not good for the town. This isn’t a party political issue – the national Tory party recognises the need to protect town centres. Without them, towns lose their sense of identity and coherence. After that they lose pride and footfall, swiftly followed by losing investment and jobs.

Unfortunately, Northamptonshire Tories are too arrogant to listen to advice, even when they’re bringing the town – and the county – down around their ears.

The incompetence of the new leader is astounding. David Macintosh is obviously politically savvy, hence the speed with which the last Tory leader found a knife in his back once they were in power. This clearly doesn’t translate to an ability to make the big decisions about the town.

That’s why the Grosvenor Centre development is at risk. That’s why the Borough Council is cutting police on our streets. They’re spending money on the wrong things. And selling us all out to pay for it.

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