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ST JAMES’ ROADS AND PARKING – Tories say: “trivial”, “a waste of our time” and “this is not what this council is for!”

by Jill Hope on 1 December, 2013

If you watch the webcast of November’s meeting of the full County Council, I think you would be very angry when St James is discussed.

Since my election as your County Councillor in May, residents have told me repeatedly – through surveys, FOCUS replies, residents’ meetings and phone calls – that they are worried about the roads in our area. Drains not properly cleared, despite St. James being high flood risk, complete gridlock on the roads several times a week, and nothing being done about inconsiderate and illegal parking….

Along with the St. James Residents’ Association, myself and the Labour councillor for Dallington/Spencer drafted a motion and submitted it to the county council. Sadly, the Tories response was appalling and dismissive. Former Tory Councillor for the area, Suresh Patel told the council meeting that work had already been done in St. James. Maybe it has – well it’s not enough.

Other Tories said that raising the problems of St James was trivial and a waste of our time and also apparently not what this council is for. In my view, as the authority responsible for roads, getting them sorted is exactly what this council is for.

The motion was voted down by the Tories – but residents can be assured that we will continue fighting for a better deal for St. James. Since the Council refused to take the concerns of residents seriously, I am asking for your help to gather detailed evidence of problems suffered in St James.

Next time your residents’ parking bay is full of non-residents, or you can’t get out of your drive because of matchday parking, or your drains are blocked – next time the whole area is gridlocked for hours – please note it down, including the time and date, and send it to me by email, text or to our Freepost address.

Hear the County Council Meeting of 28 November 2012: – go to item 12a Motion submitted by Jill Hope and select the right green arrow

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