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Snouts in the trough in council!

by Jill Hope on 17 July, 2013

PEOPLE IN ST JAMES have commented that they are outraged by the fact that Conservative and Labour county councillors have just voted themselves a pay rise of over…..

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Shock at new Parish Council tax

by Jill Hope on 1 June, 2013

On May 16 I had a fascinating experience. I went to the first ever West Hunsbury Parish Council meeting (which falls in my County Council Division of Sixfields). This is the parish council that most residents didn’t want – including almost all the elected councillors. Most of the candidates that said they wanted a parish […]

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WHO gets rich on councillors’ allowances?

by Jill Hope on 26 April, 2011

The Conservatives complain that the current Lib Dem-controlled council has increased councillor allowances in the last four years in charge of the Guildhall. Yes! – that’s true, based on the recommendation of an independent panel. But Borough Councillors, who have just delivered a balanced budget, with no cuts to frontline services, and only a handful […]

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