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Pensions increases – RPI or CPI – you vote

by Jill Hope on 12 February, 2012

The following e-petition calls for the re-introduction of RPI as the indexation measure for pensions:

Many workers in the Public and Private Sector have contributed to their pensions on the understanding that on retirement these Pensions would be increased each April by the preceding September’s Retail Price Index (RPI) rate. From April 2011 the Government has transferred these increases to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure which in the Treasury’s own words “…is designed to take account of the fact that consumers tend to shop around, switching to cheaper alternatives when prices of similar goods change.” This change, which has been introduced in most cases without any prior consultation, will mean a steady reduction in spending power for pensioners as they progress into their retirement. Given the promises that have previously been made, the RPI measure should be reintroduced without delay to ensure that the spending power of these Public and Private pensioners is maintained.

If it is supported by 100,000 signatures, that might lead to a Parliamentary debate! I oppose this change to the method of indexation as it is a betrayal of previous promises made to pensioners.

I would, therefore, be grateful if you would sign the petition and ask your family and friends to do likewise by clicking on this link: RPI/CPI petition


As at 12 February 2012, the petition has had over 108,000 votes. Please vote if you haven’t done so already.

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  1. Jim Singer says:

    Hi Jill – as the author of this e-petition, I’m delighted to receive some support from the Lib Dems. My local Lib Dem MP, Sir Robert Smith, has unfortunately been less than supportive! Consequently, anything that you can do to encourage support on this issue from within the Lib Dems would be really great.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Jim Singer

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