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It’s the LibDems wot get the blame!

by Jill Hope on 25 December, 2010

Nick Clegg with Borough Councillors Jill Hope and Richard Church outside the Guildhall 1999

“What do you think of the Coalition Government?”

“I’ve been asking people of all political persuasions in West Hunsbury this question” says Jill Hope.

Much to her surprise, the general response is that people like it. Many thought it wouldn’t last. Many thought that the LibDems would be swallowed up, but now acknowledge that this is not the case. Many Lib Dem policies have already been implemented:

Dumping the expensive and useless ID cards. Tick! Implementing the pupil premium aimed at children needing extra help. Tick! Increasing the tax threshold. Tick! Increasing Capital Gains Tax on the wealthy. Tick! Pensions linked to inflation. Tick! Fixed term Parliaments. Tick! A referendum for fairer votes. Tick!

Now who gets the blame for the spending cuts? The last Labour Government or the LibDems? All those years when Vince Cable was protesting vigorously about excess credit, no one believed him. Commentators say “Why didn’t you warn us?”.

We DID buddy, WE DID!
Chronicle & Echo 26 August 2010
The LibDems don’t mind sharing power provided our ideas to improve lives and cut the gap between rich and poor are implemented. Anyone who has known Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister will know that he is an honourable man  who cares passionately about life chances and equality of opportunity.

(This is an extract from Jill Hope’s column in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo)

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