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RESISTING privatisation of the NHS from the bottom up

by Jill Hope on 19 April, 2011

PEOPLE CARE PASSIONATELY about the NHS. I do myself. I worked for the NHS many years ago, and never forgot the experience, and one of my daughters is starting her training to become a doctor later this year.

Jill in Sheffield March 2011

As part of a coalition government we are anxious that Conservative attempts to privatise the NHS should be resisted. At the Spring Conference in Sheffield in March 2011, delegates led by Dr Evan Harris passed a Motion restating our commitment to a free and democratic health service, and calling on the Government to amend the Health Bill

If you would like to read the Motion that both my husband and I voted for in March click here. Remember that Lib Dem policy is made by the members and voted through at Conference. We’re the only mainstream party that passes policy this way – bottom up not top down. It’s called democracy.

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