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AV: a miserable little compromise?

by Jill Hope on 25 April, 2011

DID Nick Clegg call the AV a miserable little compromise? He’s often quoted as having said it.

No he didn’t! It’s annoying that so many journalists and TV programmes are so lazily quoting this without doing any hint of research. Let me give you the whole quote, in context:

Nick said: “AV is a baby step in the right direction – only because nothing can be worse than the status quo. If we want to change British politics once and for all, we have go to have a quite simple system in which everyone’s votes count. We think AV-plus is a feasible way to proceed. At least it is proportional – and it retains a constituency link.

“The Labour party assumes that changes to the electoral system are like crumbs for the Liberal Democrats from the Labour table. I am not going to settle for a miserable compromise thrashed out by the Labour Party”

Thanks for this clarification from Andrew Emmerson.

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