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Sleepless in Hunsbury?

by Jill Hope on 24 April, 2011

IS THERE a traffic noise problem in West Hunsbury?

Noisy roundabout at junction of Danes Camp Way with the A43 and A45 - set to get busier

Residents in Dalestones, Claystones and Marlstones, at the end of Ladybridge Drive, at the junction of Upton Way and Danes Camp Way are complaining about excess traffic noise since the new industrial area was opened up behind the estate known locally as both ‘Hunsbury Meadows’ and ‘Banbury Lane.’

Since the development was made to the roundabout at the bottom of Danes Camp Way, traffic noise levels have greatly increased, and during the summer months local residents report that it is hard to sleep if the windows are open.
At the time of the development, no works were carried out to shield the residential homes from the increased traffic noise. There was no  sound attenuating fencing and tree planting in order to muffle the noise.

Cars travelling down Danes Camp Way from Tesco are travelling at 70mph, and are reported as frequently failing to give way at the roundabout at the junction with Hunsbury Hill Road. Reducing the speed limit here to 40mph would both reduce this problem, and potentially also reduce the noise at the bottom of the hill.

This problem has been reported to the county council. Do you have a problem with traffic noise where you live in West Hunsbury? – Please let me know.

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