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Which statement about the number 28 bus is true?

by Jill Hope on 27 March, 2011

THERE ARE some rumours going round West Hunsbury about the No. 28 bus:

    How much longer will you see a sight like this?

  • A bus driver was reported as saying that the service was going to end in May
  • Someone else was going to announce that the bus had been saved for certain, at least until 5th September.

But neither statement is true!

The simple question is: has the No. 28 bus been saved?

And, in spite of what some irresponsible people are saying, the simple answer is:  It has NOT been saved yet!

Officers from the Conservative-run County Council are still negotiating with First Bus and some other bus companies.

They still hope that the West Hunsbury loop can be included as part of a commercial service by one of the bus companies – but there is no guarantee.

If it has to be subsidised, there might be enough money to do this, or there might not.

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition to keep the bus and those that have written to Councillor Jim Harker or Councillor Heather Smith.

Keep the pressure up. The battle is not won yet, but neither is it lost.

Track any developments on this website.

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