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Yet another serious crash in Towcester Road, West Hunsbury

by Jill Hope on 19 March, 2011

YOU probably saw the pictures of the serious crash on the junction between Rowtree Road and Towcester Road in the December FOCUS.

Junction of Rowtree Road with Towcester Road

On the evening of Wednesday 16 March yet another serious crash at this junction involving at least 3 cars and the police.

Each of these incidents costs a lot of money – in police time, in the costs of repairs to vehicles.

At least one of the cars I saw damaged in the crash on Wednesday night looked like a write-off. I don’t know if there were any serious injuries, but several people will have had their lives badly disrupted by the shock of an accident like this.

How many incidents like this does it take before this junction is reviewed and changed?

Almost every time I go past this junction I see near-misses. Is the Conservative County Council so busy cutting jobs and cutting frontline services that it is forgetting the basics?

I will continue to lobby for this junction to be improved, and I just hope that no-one else is seriously injured or even killed here before it is dealt with.

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  1. Craig Lewis says:

    Report from The Hunsbury Herald on the March 16 collision. All information was verified by Northamptonshire Police.
    To clarify the above article. two cars not three involved and police said the incident was not serious.


    Police and the ambulance service attended a two car collision on the Towcester Road last night.
    The incident took place at 8.20pm on the junction of Towcester Road and Rowtree Road in East Hunsbury last night (Wednesday, March 16).
    One of the cars had to be recovered from the scene as it was not driveable, but no-one was injured.
    A police spokesman said the collision was not serious

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