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Patching up roads – West Hunsbury

by Jill Hope on 21 April, 2014

NORTHAMPTON HAS GOT AN EXTRA £1.5m from the coalition Government to patch up local roads. Given the appalling state of the roads in Northampton it’s not much, but better than nothing. As your local councillor I have been told that I can choose to patch up just one out of two roads in my Sixfields Division. As it happens they’re both in West Hunsbury.

The roads that are considered to be the most in need are:
– Archangel Road (Camp Hill).
– Hunsbury Close (off Hunsbury Hill Road close to Towcester Road)

I’m well aware that both roads are in a dreadful state and choosing between them is very unfair. I’m therefore putting the decision in the hands of local residents and asking them to tell me which of the roads should get the work done?

There’s not much time, as I have to tell the council which road I have chosen by 30 April. I’ve asked local residents to let me know their thoughts on this – by email, text message, via my website or on the phone.

I wish I could do more. Many, many roads in my division of Sixfields (which includes West Hunsbury, Briar Hill, St James, Upton and Hunsbury Meadows) are in a terrible state, but Highways has decided that these two roads are the most in need of action. At the time of writing we’re only 9 days away from 30 April, and in order to get my request into the council in good time I want to submit it by 29 April. So I have asked local residents to contact me urgently with their views.

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