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GRIDLOCK YET AGAIN in St James on Saturday, 1st March, as Saints and Cobblers both play. Residents and fans blame Borough Council’s incompetent traffic management

by Jill Hope on 17 March, 2014

YET ANOTHER DAY OF COMPLETE GRIDLOCK in St James, apparently because the Borough Council tried to ‘manage’ the traffic flows, with bollards at Sixfields that actually made matters worse. Traffic at a standstill for hours again. What about the pollution for local residents from traffic running engines and not moving? How on earth…. has this happened again – following the last debacle, the Borough Council promised that they would butt out and leave The Saints to deal with it. NOT FAIR ON THE RESIDENTS OF ST JAMES!

This issue had people emailing and phoning me. The Saints and The Cobblers had kick-offs at similar times. The result was the worst gridlock ever, with residents unable to get home for 2-3 hours. The whole neighbourhood was subjected to traffic pouring out fumes for hours in a place where the air quality is already seriously poor. The councils had agreed to leave the clubs to sort out the traffic with their own marshals, but on the day the councils just couldn’t resist meddling, closing down lanes around Sixfields and making an already bad situation much worse.

Time for everyone to sit round the same table!! I will be taking another motion to Full Council on 20 March asking then two councils to get their act together on this problem. Last time they accused me of being ‘trivial’ and ‘wasting their time’. Well I shall continue to be trivial and waste their time UNTIL THEY START TO LISTEN.

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