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Don’t get prosecuted for fly-tipping! Council COULD search any black bag to identify you

by Jill Hope on 27 December, 2013

AT THE ST JAMES RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION meeting on 11 December a representative from the borough council answered questions about recycling and the green bag rubbish collections.

Some local residents have not yet received their supplies of green bags. Black bags will no longer be collected, and will be treated as fly tipping. If you haven’t received any green bags, it is important that you contact the borough council and let them know.
Some residents were frustrated that large cardboard boxes that won’t fit into recycling boxes will NOT be collected. Residents must get them to the recycling centre at Sixfields themselves – not possible without a car.

It was suggested by the representative from the borough council they could phone the council and ask them to collect the cardboard as ‘bulky waste’.

But as this would cost £25 that’s never going to happen!..

The meeting was also told that the borough council has decided to allocate £3M to opening up the top of Abington Street to traffic. At a time when St James was refused any help with its traffic problems, the residents did not consider that this was a sensible use of council tax. There has been very little consultation with shops at the top of Abington Street and there does not appear to be any evidence that this expenditure will revitalise the town centre.

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