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Hunsbury Hill Housing Development – some facts and figures

by Jill Hope on 7 December, 2013

The current number of dwellings on this estate is 189 with 60, almost a third, in Harcourt Way and the next largest number, 32, in Hunsbury Hill Avenue.

The proposed development is for 71 new dwellings, a 37.6% increase in numbers. I understand that about 25 of these (35%) will be ‘affordable’ and are likely to be situated at the north-east and south-west ends of the development. The completed site of 260 dwellings is about the size of a small village…..

Harcourt Way will be used as the access point to the new development including access for staff, equipment and materials during construction, even though it is hilly and with bends. I am not aware that any alternative access point for construction has been investigated.

Critical issues:

1: Traffic during construction: I don’t consider that Harcourt Way is suitable for construction traffic and will cause major problems for residents. Another access point needs to be considered.

2: Traffic post – construction: There is a problem especially at rush hours for traffic leaving the site which has a single access/entrance point onto the roundabout at Danes Camp Way. The filter lane to enable traffic to avoid the traffic lights at the Upton Way/Danes Camp Way roundabout has created an endless stream of traffic during rush hours and it is very difficult for traffic to leave the existing estate. Traffic lights need to be provided now at this roundabout, at least timed to function during the rush hour on weekdays. Construction traffic entering the site will exacerbate this problem.

3: Facilities: With the size of the development, facilities such as a community hall are needed. Will the proposed play area be big enough? Residents should have a say on this.

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