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Match day parking in St James – Borough Council doesn’t give a stuff but lends clubs millions

by Jill Hope on 5 November, 2013

Saints and Cobblers stadiums: both in my division and may play on the same day with huge traffic problems for residents

On 5 September I attended a meeting of the Castle Partnership where I raised the issue of matchday parking and traffic congestion in St James in general with the leader of the borough council.

He assured the meeting that there were new traffic schemes in place and that it would be ‘alright on the night’. Well the matches were played and the traffic was worse than ever!

If you live in St James you can’t get in or out for hours when matches are on. The borough council appears to be perfectly happy to lend millions to the clubs for their future success and development, but appears not to give a stuff about people actually living and working in St James….

The area needs some serious infrastructure spending, and because there are absolutely no signs of this happening, maybe the time has come for the people of St James to take direct action. Perhaps the next time there’s a match people living in the area will need to stop the incoming traffic by crossing the road again and again and again.

If you object to these traffic problems, contact me or attend the next St James Residents Association meeting at the Doddridge Centre on Wed 11 December at 7pm.

Read the local Herald & Post article about 90 minute delays when matches at The Sainst and Cobblers clashed recently…

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