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Delayed adoption of Blisworth Close affects property prices say locals

by Jill Hope on 1 November, 2013

Broken play equipment – just one of the problems

BLISWORTH CLOSE, off Rothersthopre Road, has not yet been fully adopted by Northampton Borough Council, despite having been finished back in 2005.

LOCAL residents are complaining that this fact is causing the value of their homes to slump – the properties just don’t sell, or if they do finally sell… they do so at a price that’s £50,000 less than it should be.

THERE was a rumour that the developer had gone bust. This has proved to be false, but the County Council claim that the matter is “complex in terms of potential resolutions”.

IT’S unclear what this means but your County Councillor, Jill Hope, has been promised a full response to her questions about this serious problem.

THE FACT that the road is unadopted also appears to prevent the Borough council from cutting the grass or maintaining the playpark, which is in a terrible state with broken swings and overgrown trees and bushes.

BLISWORTH CLOSE is an attractive development without many of the problems of some estates – there’s not much litter, very little graffiti and the estate looks well-cared for, largely thanks to a worker provided by the Housing Association, but that worker doesn’t touch the area of private housing at the bottom of the hill, and it looks very neglected.

LET’S hope that the County Council manages to get this area adopted before too long. How long will residents have to wait?

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