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Pizza Problems in St James

by Jill Hope on 21 September, 2013

St James Road site offers no possibility of outside

Residents’ anger

PEOPLE LIVING IN BOWDEN ROAD, ST JAMES, complained to the FOCUS team about the Pizza Hut takeaway at the end of their road.

Only the first few houses in the road were informed of the planning application. Those living further into the cul-de-sac didn’t know and didn’t spot the planning notice on the nearest lamppost. They have said that if they had known about it, they would have objected. Problems arising from the restaurant since then include:

  1. Delivery drivers turning into the cul-de-sac and executing abrupt U-turns causing problems for residents entering and leaving the street
  2. Delivery drivers standing around outside the restaurant playing loud music late at night, talking and laughing loudly and disturbing local residents
  3. Large delivery trucks turning….. into the cul-de-sac because they can’t pull up on the main road, then struggling to turn round in the narrow cul-de-sac
  4. Delivery drivers parking in residents’only parking spaces
  5. One local resident reported the delivery drivers to the police for drug dealing
  6. Rubbish dumped where drivers wait – fag ends, drink cans, food wrappers

St James Road site offers no possibility of parking outside

St James Road site – no possibility of parking outside

Although this is a Borough Council issue, as the local County Councillor, I am dealing with the restaurant and trying to get the issues addressed, so far with no co-operation whatsoever from the people responsible.

This is an area that has returned Labour Councillors in the past. No one from Labour appears to have made the effort to draw the attention of everone in this road to this planning application before permission was granted. I’m now trying to deal with the problems arising from this bad planning decision.

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