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Sixfields division – five very unconnected areas

by Jill Hope on 20 March, 2013

The new Sixfields Division for county council election - what a mess!

The new Sixfields Division for county council election – what a mess!

PART of St James was been moved into Sixfields division for the county council elections in May 2013.
WHEN you vote at elections, you’ll vote at your normal polling station, but instead of voting for a councillor in the old St James division, you’ll be voting for a councillor in Sixfields division.

SIXFIELDS is made up of five very unconnected areas – part of St James, a small part of West Hunsbury including Camp Hill, Briar Hill, Upton and Hunsbury Meadows (Banbury Lane). The small part of West Hunsbury included within Sixfields division is everything north of Green Lane except, very strangely, Hunsbury Close. The rest of West Hunsbury now moves into Shelfleys and East Hunsbury division.

IT’S as if Sixfields is made up from the bits left over from everywhere else!

THE Lib Dems put forward different proposals to the Boundary Commission. We tried to keep St James as a single area, but it’s been split in three, with part going into Duston East, part going into Dallington and Spencer and part going into Sixfields. Lib Dem suggestions were ignored in favour of the Tory’s proposal. What a mess!

IT SEEMS really crazy, when the number of county councillors is being cut, for the people of St James to have three county councillors representing them, and the people of West Hunsbury to have two county councillors.

BASED on telephone canvassing, hardly anyone knows who their Conservative county councillor is anyway – these changes are going to make that even worse.

WHEN you have a Lib Dem councillor, you will hear from him or her regularly telling you who they are, what they’re doing on your behalf and how to get hold of them if you have any concerns. Regular contact means every couple of months all the time, not just when there’s an election on. This is the very least you should expect from your elected representative.

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  1. Elizabeth Adamowicz says:

    Dear Jill,

    I’m in the process of deciding who to vote for in the local election on May 2nd and would love some information on your education policies, welfare and health service, and any future plans for Upton, if at all possible? I am a school teacher and we are currently studying local history, so if you have information on recent or historical changes I would love to see that too? As an RE teacher I am also interested in local parish information if that is at all available?

    At the moment I’m having trouble obtaining my poll card as the Council have given me two different dates for deadlines pertaining to the change of records, but I hope to have this sorted in time to vote on 2nd May, and have emailed the Deputy returning officer to that effect.

    I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best!

    Kind regards
    Elizabeth Adamowicz

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