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LIGHTS GOING out in Northampton.

by Jill Hope on 21 April, 2011

THE CONSERVATIVE  County Council in Northamptonshire has decided to turn off half the street lamps in Northamptonshire. This is in a desperate bid to save money. It will start in May – after the 5 May Borough Council elections of course!

Now let’s just think about this – if lights are there in the first place, presumably there was a valid reason for them when they were installed. Maybe it was road safety. Traffic is increasing all the time, so how  is it possible to reduce lighting without increasing the number of accidents, injuries and deaths?

Maybe the reason for the lighting was fear of crime. Has that decreased suddenly?  I don’t think so. Expect more street robberies, more burglaries.

The Conservative-run County Council is hell bent on saving money. But it’s the citizens of the county that will pay in the long run. This is quite simply false economy.

First it’s the speed cameras being switched off. Now it’s street lighting. What comes next?

Read the report on the BBC News Northampton here

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