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Borough Council Elections – candidates announced. Labour fail to put up any candidates in 14 seats – almost a third!

by Jill Hope on 5 April, 2011

ALL 45 SEATS on Northampton Borough Council are up for election on Thursday 5 May.

No Labour candidate in Hunsbury!

The Liberal Democrats are fighting all 45 seats, as are the Conservatives, but Labour have failed to put up candidates for 14 of the 45 seats. There are no Labour candidates in 9 of the Borough wards.

There are no Labour candidates anywhere in the south of the town including West Hunsbury Ward (one seat), East Hunsbury Ward (two seats) and Upton Ward (two seats). Labour have just five Councillors on the Borough Council currently, and clearly have no interest in the south of the town. They are throwing in the towel before the election even begins.

Borough Ward boundaries have changed this time, with the expanding area of Upton being split off from West Hunsbury which is now just one seat.
CLICK ON MAP for more detail.

In West Hunsbury it is a straight fight between the LibDems and Tories. Want to compare them?

Take a look at the recent Lib Dem Borough Council budget – through the careful saving of money over several years, the recent Government cuts have not led to any cuts in frontline services and only a handful of redundancies.

Then look at the recent Conservative County Council budget – frontline services slashed including buses, lollipop ladies and gentlemen, grants to voluntary groups, speed cameras. Even the lights are being turned out. Worst of all, up to 900 staff redundant. Whom would you trust to look after your money wisely?

CLICK HERE to see full list of candidates.
CLICK HERE to see previous Borough Council and General Election results in Northampton.
CLICK HERE to see previous results in West Hunsbury since 1999

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