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Moving Northampton Forward – the 2011 Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Northampton

by Jill Hope on 30 March, 2011

Manifesto launch at Delapre Abbey

FOUR YEARS AGO, faced with one of the worst performing local authorities in the country, Northampton’s voters turned to the Liberal Democrats to pull the council from the brink of government intervention and put the pride back in our town.

Today, the Borough Council is in good financial shape. Local services are improving and the council is punching above its weight nationally to secure a fairer deal for the town’s taxpayers. This is clearly shown by:

  • The balanced budget this year which includes £5 million of savings without cutting local services
  • Increasing our support to the Voluntary Sector while other Councils are cutting support
  • Investment in town centre regeneration
  • Investment in our council houses attracting £49m of Government support

The town is now at a crossroads. The result of this year’s Borough elections is critical. The town’s choice is clear:
Continue the real improvements made by hard-working Liberal Democrat Councillors since 2007
— OR —
Return to the chaos of the previous Conservative administration, led by the very same tired old Conservative Councillors who failed miserably last time.

Read the Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Northampton 2011 here.

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