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Camp Hill Community Centre – the future

by Jill Hope on 18 March, 2011

THE BOROUGH Council is reviewing Community Centres across the whole town.

Because centres that are run by the community can apply for grants, since the council is unable to do that, it might be better for many of the centres to change into community-run social enterprises.

Change to a community-run enterprise?

The choices being offered to community centres are:

  1. The recommended option is to offer the opportunity to existing management groups to take over the running of the centre. It supports a thriving voluntary and community sector, while giving local residents better value for money.
  2. Maintain existing arrangements. This option is not recommended. The council will struggle to inject the same level of resource into these local facilities, while local people may expect to depend on the Council for a service it is not well placed to provide. Current management arrangements are inconsistent and responsibilities are unclear.
  3. Dispose of community centre assets at best market value. This option is not recommended. It would bring money into the council and take away the responsibility of managing the centres, but it would do nothing to safeguard local provision and the continuation of access to places where communities can gather.

There will be a meeting to discuss the future of Camp Hill Community Centre at the community centre.

If you have a view about these proposals, why not attend the meeting and express your opinion? Contact me here for further details of the meeting.

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