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Protecting English heritage – Europe saves the Cornish Pasty

by Jill Hope on 6 March, 2011

BILL NEWTON DUNN, your Lib Dem Member of the European Parliament in the East Midlands comments: “In February, the European Commission passed a bill granting special protection to the Cornish Pasty.

“No longer will street vendors across the world be able to use the name of this revered English snack to help them sell whatever they knocked together that morning.

Cornish pasty now means made in Cornwall

“In future, someone buying something called a ‘Cornish Pasty’ will be assured of certain things – traditional shape and side crimping, a traditional recipe and, most importantly, it will have to have been prepared (but not necessarily baked) in Cornwall.

“It may seem silly. But it protects British jobs, ensures quality and keeps money from this British tradition flowing to where it belongs – Britain.

For my part, it makes sure that next time I indulge in a Cornish Pasty for lunch, I really will be getting a bite of home.”

Bill is your representative in the European Parliament. If you need to contact him, his contact details are in the link on the right.

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